Now Hear This: Can You Handle Rejection from a Friend Who Chooses Another Agent?



We’re introducing a new series courtesy of Toby Salgado, a former real estate professional and founder of At the site, Salgado posts podcast interviews with top-producing agents, coaches, authors, and influential voices in real estate. He tries to ferret out their secrets and success stories. And they have a little fun as well.

This week, Salgado interviews powerhouse real estate coach Tom Ferry. One thing that stood out to us was when Ferry began talking about how to deal with rejection. “What’s harder? Being rejected by a friend who chooses another agent, or a complete stranger you met at an open house?” Think about that…

In the podcast with Ferry below, you’ll learn, among other topics, his tips on:

  • Why agents with a diversified lead generation strategy will outperform everybody else
  • How to find your perfect voice for communicating with your clients
  • Why you should upload your past deals into Google maps and create a heat map
  • Why you should craft your story and work on your mindset
  • Why only 4% of agents make $250,000 in gross commission income annually


Toby Salgado

Toby Salgado is a serial entrepreneur and has built multiple high-seven-figure companies in technology, finance, and real estate. His latest project is Super Agents Live, where he interviews the top-producing real estate agents, coaches, authors, and influential voices in real estate. All of the interviews are free; find them at

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  1. Found you in the NAR weekly report! Great show with Tom Ferry. Hooked up on twitter looking forward to hearing. More of your interviews. Thanks sabrina

  2. Hey Sabrina–so glad you found the show–look forward to more posts here or just go to and access all the interviews. We have some super inspiring and motivational episodes.

  3. Linda

    If my friend chooses to not use me. That’s their choice. I find they don’t want me knowing about their finances. If they want me to work for them, they know I will do the best job I can. I only hope they work with a reliable hard working agent who takes their best interests first.
    Agents making $250K a year take huge financial risks. They are not common. If you continue to listen to these people you must continually dominate. Dominating takes many years of marketing dollars through the bad times too…meaning when there isn’t much business for most agents…like now! I know plenty of agents that went under using marketing dollars to dominate when the collapse happened. Many are no longer around. Use common sense with your marketing dollars, just saying.

  4. Thanks for an awesome interview! Your energy and information with Tom Ferry was right on target!