‘Most Real Estate Agents Are Terrible at Their Craft’

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  1. In an industry that has ZERO training and agents are left to learn EVERYTHING as they go this is of no surprise.

  2. Tom Woods

    It’s too easy to get a license. It’s too easy to keep a license. Learn to be a good advocate for your clients and not a sales person working for your own best interests.

  3. Investing in yourself and your career will become more important in the future as websites like Zillow, Trulia incl. Marketleader do the job for you except negotiate and advise your client. It is hard to stay motivated :being a real estate agent and only getting paid on successfully closing a transaction is the only profession unpaid for services rendered. Attorney’s get paid even if client has to go to jail, marketing companies get paid selling us useless leads, doctors get paid even if patient dies- do I have to go on.
    Sure somebody will come up with an motivational app!

  4. After receiving your license, you have to learn as much as possible about the industry. Everything is left up to you the individual.

  5. Janet Halliburton

    In my opinion, this post is insulting to the hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals who are great at their craft. That the post should appear on the first page of the Realtor blog is disappointing. The example given by Grant Cardone refers to an experience he had with one salesperson who did not want to follow her client’s directive to present a low offer. Admittedly that agent’s actions were not appropriate, but how does Mr. Cardone go from that experience to a sweeping statement and generalization about “most real estate agents”? Granted, there are some agents who need skill-building, there are also agents who are tough negotiators and advocates for their clients whether buyer or seller. (I have sat across the table from some in the area I serve – San Francisco Bay Area). Mr. Cardone should meet some of them! Such provocative statements don’t belong here IMO.

  6. Well, I hate to say it, but I have to agree. I think a lot of agents do their best to mimic the characters on Million Dollar Listing rather than learn the true meaning of the word “agency”. A great agent knows when to advise their client not to move forward with a purchase rather than going for the hard sell. Remaining ethical pays off tremendously in the long run through repeat business and referrals.

  7. Most agent I have dealt with are fantastic. Maybe just my luck, or maybe because we are in the software (app) industry and are conversing with the agents that are wanting to stand out and go the extra mile for their clients. So I guess in my experience I can’t agree with this opinion.