This Is How You Get 1,000 Leads a Month

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  1. I am in under a year as an agent. I was turned on to Toby’s podcast after he had been broadcasting for a couple of months. One of my favorite things is that he asks the right questions, and asks them consistently to his different guests giving you a different perspective of the same technique in real estate. As far as door knocking, positive mindset, scripts, being genuine, the lists goes on quite a bit. I had the pleasure of doing coaching with Toby and within two weeks of listening to the podcast and communicating with him I had 2 listing appointments. I love this show.

  2. Toby,

    Excellent interview! You Rock… keep up the great work!

  3. Needs to be repeated….

    #1 Don’t be lazy!

  4. Great Podcast… lots to think about here!

  5. this is great info. Thank you.

  6. Good Podcast and helpful to Real Estate Agents.