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3 Surprising Revelations at the REALTOR® Party Convention

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  1. Chris

    I would prefer a pot smoker to live at my properties than a cigarette smoker or a drinker I’m just saying.

  2. Cheryl

    Why if a cigarette smoker smokes outside?

  3. We are going to litigate and legislate ourselves into the ground!
    While I am familiar with the case regarding Netflix, I think calling a subscription based, fee based service which can only be accessed through the deliberate and intentional action of a subscriber a “place of public accommodation” is nonsense!
    Netflix is not PBS.
    Interestingly, a place of public accommodation (and reasonably so) is the local grocery store for which no membership is required. Yet we have no talking cans, announcement produce, mooing, oinking, and clucking at the meat counter – no braille.
    So you have to ask yourself what is necessary for life…Netflix or food!
    Netflix was comparatively speaking a “little guy.” But despite helpfulness, no association for the disabled will take on the “councils” and mega corporations. And yes, there is a reason…
    So where do I sign up for a talking website???