Leigh Brown

The Nitty-Gritty of Converting Seller Leads

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  1. Laura

    How funny! I just started using this same thing but through boldleads – works like a charm! 44 leads in 14 days and 1 listing appointment! I think I get the best leads from sending postcards to my farm with a photo of my landing page on it.

  2. Just a quick question… How does Laura direct potential clients to her squeeze page? We had one once and couldn’t get any traffic to it or get anyone to fill it out.


  3. kate

    Facebook ads are fascinating, they allow you target certain areas, ages and incomes. But many times they just focus on your Facebook page with the end result of a bunch of Likes. You WANT SALES though, so you might try something different like creating a website for each listing, i.e. with a URL like http://www.1300westmain.com – and then market it on Google Ads, where you can also target certain people and areas. Listingsitedesign.com is a neat, cheap tool to market with. Kate