Can You Market on Facebook Without Becoming Just Another Bother?

In some ways you couldn’t invent a better platform for marketing than Facebook. It adds rocket fuel to your communications by giving you a way to reach way beyond your sphere of influence each time you post a status update. But the platform’s been around for a while, everyone’s using it, and it’s becoming part of the noise that’s so hard to cut through.CB

But there is a way to use it effectively, says Shaun Nilsson, a Toronto real estate professional whose success on Facebook spurred him to launch a company called CityBlast with a partner.

Nilsson says  the key to using the platform successfully is posting genuinely useful and interesting content on the site on a consistent basis so that you’re always top-of-mind. And because what you’re posting is good stuff, you do your winning of friends and influencing of people without becoming a burr in people’s sides. That’s not a small consideration when you think of how easy it is to cross the line from being useful to being just another noisemaker. likes

All that sounds good, but how do you put that into practice? Finding and writing quality content takes time, especially when your goal is to post consistently throughout the day. Clearly, using Facebook the right way threatens to take you away from your core business. Enter Nilsson’s company.

You can learn more about using Facebook for marketing in a webinar REALTOR® Magazine is hosting with CityBlast on Thursday, June 26, at 3 p.m. Nilsson’s company is the sponsor, so the webinar will come at the topic from the perspective of this one company. But there’s a lot to learn and you could take away useful information. Learn more and register for the webinar.

Robert Freedman

Robert Freedman is director of multimedia communications for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. He can be reached at

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  1. The success of social media comes through engagement with your sphere and providing value added content that speaks to them.

    Having someone else post content that has nothing to do with real estate, does not show your expertise, doesn’t sound like you and is not catered to your sphere sounds more like a way for another social media “guru” type company to make a quick buck off of the backs of professionals that don’t know yet how to effectively utilize the platform.

    Don’t let anyone other than yourself (or your team/assistant) post on your Facebook page or else you’ll likely pay for more than just a monthly subscription.

  2. Anj

    Real estate or home buyers quiz is a good idea for social media to engage users.
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  3. Engaging the audience with useful and informative content can help any business develop and retain followers and those can be converted to business prospects and later to clients.

  4. Social media is an important tool for small businesses in the professional services segment, these types of companies have a smaller advertising and marketing budget hence relying mainly on cost effective avenues that can get them some exposure.