National Coffee Day: Does the Brew In Your Town Bring Buyers to the Table?


Given that 61 percent of Americans consume coffee daily, the neighborhood coffee shop may be a strong selling point — as long as it’s not one of those chains.

Today is National Coffee Day, and for anyone who values a morning jolt from a cup of (authentic) Joe, these cities are the best places to get the day started. Real estate brokerage Redfin teamed up with Foursquare to round up the 10 Best Cities for Coffee Snobs, which have the most indie coffee shops per capita in the country, according to Foursquare data. Redfin defines indie coffee shops as those with fewer than 10 retail locations.

The findings excluded the presence of coffee chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, because, let’s be real, the world doesn’t need anymore of those. Below are the top 10 cities along with their most popular independently owned coffee shops, the ZIP codes with the highest concentration of shops, and the median home price in those ZIP codes, according to the Redfin study.

  1. Seattle
    Highest-rated indie coffee shop: Milstead & Co.
    ZIP code with the most indie coffee shops: 98103
    Median home price in 98103: $480,000
    “Seattle is definitely a city of coffee snobs. It’s just part of the culture. People here value authenticity, even when it comes to the ingredients of their lattes. They want the artisan, hand-crafted experience.” — Ben Hitchins, Redfin broker
  2. Portland, Ore.
    Highest-rated indie coffee shop: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
    ZIP code with the most indie coffee shops: 97214
    Median home price in 97214: $428,500
    “People in Portland really do care about eating local, and that feeling extends to coffee shops, especially in southeast Portland, which is considered the fun and funky area. Stumptown is one of the largest roasters in Portland. If you go to an independent coffee shop and they don’t roast their own beans, there’s a good chance they’re using Stumptown.” — Wayne Olson, Redfin agent
  3. Boulder, Colo.
    Highest-rated indie coffee shop: Boxcar Coffee Roasters
    ZIP code with the most indie coffee shops: 80302
    Media home price in 80302: $599,000
    “It doesn’t surprise me that Boulder made the list. It seems like every street has its own coffee shop here, and people are very knowledgeable about the different kinds of beans and roasts. There’s even a bike tour that stops at coffee roasters along the way.” — Paul Stone, Redfin agent
  4. San Francisco
    Highest-rated indie coffee shop: Blue Bottle Coffee
    ZIP code with the most indie coffee shops: 94103
    Median home price in 94103: 810,000
    “San Francisco residents love their coffee, and many are self-proclaimed coffee snobs. Perhaps it’s an effect of the startup culture, but people in San Francisco definitely prefer small independent coffee shops. It’s widely known that Blue Bottle is one of the best coffee shops in the area, and Philz is another trendy spot for grabbing a good brew in SOMA (South of the Market).” — Davis Pemstein, Redfin agent
  5. Denver
    Highest-rated indie coffee shop: Crema Coffee House
    ZIP code with the most indie coffee shops: 80202
    Median home price in 80202: 400,000
    “In Denver, it’s all about the atmosphere, not just the beverage. People like to go where there’s great décor, music, and food. I often meet clients at local coffee shops because they have a very casual and relaxing ambiance. There’s one local shop that I go to all the time; they know my name there and ask me how my day is going. I often see familiar faces — it’s like ‘Cheers,’ where everybody knows your name.” — Karla Kirkpatrick Adams, Redfin agent

See the rest of Redfin’s list of the 10 Best Cities for Coffee Snobs.

Graham Wood

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  1. Very Interesting!!
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  2. Here in Florida, when the weather drops, even a little, coffee sales fly!