From the Horse’s Mouth: This is What Consumers Want From You (VIDEO)

what consumers want


Do you know what consumers want from a real estate agent? Sure, you might have a pretty good idea — but why not take it from them?

Mike Reff, broker-associate at Madison & Company Properties in Denver, wanted his team, The Knoll Team, to hear directly from consumers about what their needs are. They were already producing a Web video series, so they decided to hit the streets with their camera and microphone, and ask people point blank: What do you want from your agent?

“We always want to find out as much as we can from the public, our customers,” Reff says of his team. “We felt that the only way to strive to provide the best possible service as real estate professionals is just to ask the public what they want. So that’s what we did.”

Once he was out there doing man-on-the-street interviews, Reff says he was surprised by the variety of answers he got from consumers on the question of what they want from their agents. “It just really goes to show that no two clients are the same,” he adds. “Everyone has their own unique expectations and desires for what they want from a practitioner. We expected the standard ‘good communication, looking out for our best interest,’ but I think we were pleased to see some people touch on the relationship aspect.

“The biggest takeaway for anyone who watches the video is really to know your customers,” Reff says. “Know what they want. There is no standard that will work across the board. As real estate professionals, we have to adapt to our clients’ needs.”

Check out the video below.

Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a senior editor for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at

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  1. Patricia Nebergall

    Because of my present situation, I would stress an agent to know the residents surrounding the home for sale. After moving here I discovered there were a lot of rentals in the area. People move in and out , and don’t seem to “upkeep” on the rental, they’re renting. Many of the home owners just collect the rent each month, and don’t seem to have much contact with the renters. Also the agent should make future clients aware of trains using tracks close by, and probably airports too. I would definitely investigate and area thoroughly before buying again.

  2. Karen

    To Patricia, each state has rules and regulations on what a real estate agent can share re: a neighborhood. They can get into a lot of trouble…however, they can say….”due diligence” go to the local police station in the area you are seeking to buy, and ask questions….buyer beware….A home is one if not the biggest monetary investment you make and have. I believe in the relationship part. As an agent I put the relationship first and formost. Karen-Cape Cod MA

  3. Jackie

    What do we as Realtors want from consumers? Loyalty.

  4. Communication is the #1 reason why consumers work with an agent. Communication is also the #1 reason why consumers won’t work with an agent. Successful Realtors need to be tech savy as well…didn’t hear anyone mention that.