Reinvigorate Communities Through Generational Partnerships

Craig Lindvahl believes millennials are “the finest generation we’ve produced” and “the most effective way to grow your community.” But too often those born between 1982 and 2002 view their communities—especially small towns—as dead ends.comm_break_05

Lindvahl, an educator, filmmaker, and author of Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday, encouraged practitioners attending the Commercial Caffeinated Breakfast during the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in New Orleans this weekend, to cultivate millennials’ entrepreneurial spirit so these kids have the reason and drive to invest and stay in their communities. “I’ve never been around people more charged up about life than these kids,” he said.

He believes real estate practitioners, can play a significant role in millennials’ development. “Your business is about building relationships” he said, and they need to understand that, because those relationships create roots. To connect kids and businesspeople, Lindvahl runs a leadership program called Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, which gives high school students around the country hands-on business experience that includes taking risks and learning from failure. The kids start, market, fund, and run their own business.

Why does the formula work? “If we combine you, our best resource, with millennials, our best hope, we can reinvigorate communities in a way [we] never thought possible.”

—By Christina Hoffmann

Blog Contributor

This post was contributed exclusively for REALTOR® Magazine.

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