Rupert Murdoch’s One-Liner Heard ‘Round the Industry

Rupert Murdoch chats at Inman Connect in New York on Thursday.

Rupert Murdoch chats at Inman Connect in New York on Thursday.

Even billionaire media magnates sitting on the largest media empire the world has ever known have a sense of humor.

News Corp founder and executive chairman Rupert Murdoch took the stage at Real Estate Connect in New York on Thursday to explain why he chose to buy Move Inc., the operator of®, over its chief rivals, Zillow and Trulia. He had plenty of good, substantive reasons. But there was one thing he said that sent the audience into an uproar of laughter and cheers.

Murdoch was saying that he believes in the power of the® name to attract consumers away from its rivals because “we all know what ‘REALTOR®’ means.”

And then he quipped: “What the hell does ‘Zillow’ mean?”


Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a senior editor for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at

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  1. Nice one Rupert!

  2. Mark Coles

    The problem with the statement from Murdoch, for me at least, is that I already know Zillow. It would be buying and trying to throw rocks at eBay.

    However, now that I know that Murdoch is involved, I will definitely not be using

  3. I was in New York for the conference and in attendance when Mr. Murdoch said this. It really was quite humorous and he did get an overwhelming response of laughter and applause from the crowd!