It’s All in the Details

century_21_little_things_1Many agents focus on showing their value to clients as an expert in their community. But you can get even more granular — and more relevant to a client’s needs — by showing your expertise in each of your listings. When you know the history of the homes you’re selling, right down to the minute details, you give the client even more knowledge and value than they expect.

Highlighting the small historical details that make up a home is the theme of a recent social media campaign by Century 21. This Facebook campaign featured three historic properties and highlighted each of the homes’ unique historical journeys.

Besides highlighting individual homes, this campaign also seeks to position Century 21 agents as local experts who care about the little details that encompass the lifespan of a home.

“We wanted a social campaign where we could make our agents and their properties stand out, and this idea of looking at the small details of a home was proposed,” says Matt Gentile, Century 21’s director of social media. “We looked at some markets and ended up in Boston — and what better place with the historical homes in that market — and we found some homes that had standout features.”

This campaign is a good reminder to agents that in your online marketing efforts, focusing on learning the history of your listings and your community will truly show your value to clients. This value proposition was something that Century 21 wanted to emphasize. “If you’re the type of agent who is going to know your listing so well that you know the small details, you’re probably the type of person that I want to work with,” says Gentile.

While Century 21 doesn’t have plans to make this campaign a part of its larger social strategy, they do use Facebook as a “learning lab” for online marketing efforts. “Our agents have a stake in the creative direction, and the instant feedback that social allows, Gentile says. “We’ve been getting a lot of feedback globally on this campaign, so you get to know what works and what doesn’t.”

Meghan Brozanic

Meghan Brozanic is a writer and content strategist for REALTOR® Magazine. You can contact her at MBrozanic[at]

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  1. This is a great article and factual in every way! If you can show you know more about a home you’re trying to sell (as an agent) then people wanting to buy are going to have more faith in your abilities. This also increases the likelihood of making a home sell as well and it will definitely help your personal reputation, as well as the credentials of the real estate agency you represent. It’s a competitive field so it is wise to do more than just try to sell a home, learn as much as you can about the neighborhood, the property’s history and possibly even any historic accounts that add to the value.