The Best Country for Americans to Invest Abroad

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  1. American buyers can get great deals in India.

  2. I find this surprising: “Tokyo is the cheapest of all Asian cities in terms of price per square foot.”

  3. Sure no doubt Tokyo is a cheapest destination for investing in real estate, but one can also consider India as a very promising investment destination in Asia.

  4. amy

    How about the radiation pollution fear in Japan?

  5. Not a good idea investing overseas unless that country offers you title insurance. It has been known that when you buy overseas after your closing you will have other interested parties approach you telling you that their ancestors owned the property and you must reimburse them. I agree with the radiation fallout in Japan but buyer’s need to realize just how small a country it is.
    I personally would only buy in Canada if I wanted to buy in another country , safe bet.

  6. Indonesia is pretty amazing in terms of ROI. I came here 5 years ago and started investing in beachfront land. I flipped a few of them in a few months, doubled my money on most and now have so many people coming to me for investing in Sumba who is said to be the next Bali.