Since When Are Safety Concerns Only for Women?

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  1. It’s a concern for all. Everyone needs to be alert and aware of their surroundings. Thanks for the article!

  2. As a Realtor and being a female it is always a concern. Especially when the new client is someone that wasn’t a referral or someone you know. Any individual you are dealing with could have ill intentions. It’s important to always pay attention to body language and their language, and social cues.

    I always make sure that I meet a new client in a public place with a crowd, like Starbucks. Get to know them and feel them out before I meet them at a showing. Safety first, deals second.

  3. joanne bateni

    What abou buyers who are casing places for later breakins. Getting info to notify police in case of breakins is important since it may put sellers in danger.