Video Explains to Consumers Why You’re Taking Safety Precautions

No one’s going to come to my office first before going to a showing. They’re going to think I’m invading their privacy if I ask to make a copy of their photo ID. If I tell them to drive separately, they’re going to be offended.

Real estate professionals know they need to be extra cautious in the field, but many worry that putting strict safety measures in place will drive clients away. To help them explain to customers why these protocols are necessary, The National Association of REALTORS® has developed a video aimed at consumers that covers what to expect when meeting an agent for the first time.

The video looks at typical safety procedures not only during the first meeting but also during showings, vacant property tours, and when holding open houses. NAR plans to promote the video to state and local associations in hopes that they will encourage members to share it with their clients. It could be a great way to establish trust and break the ice with prospects. Watch the video above and share with your network.

Graham Wood

Graham Wood is a senior editor for REALTOR® Magazine. He can be reached at

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  1. Excellent and informative! Everyone should see this!


    Love this video! Would love to include it in my website if I knew how. Please create MORE VIDEOS for realtors–thank you,


  3. Graham Wood

    Hi Sunny,

    If you go to the video on YouTube, you can get the embed code to embed on your website.

    Graham Wood

  4. REMAX Integrity Issaquah WA

    This is fantastic! Will be sharing the video link with all of our brokers. Thank you!

  5. What they should do is start putting out commercials campaigns showing this information and not leave it up to the associations and associates to pass on to the consumer because honestly I think it gets lost between NAR, then the states and then the local level. If consumers were shown this in commericals it would go a long way as well. Many things about a real estate transacationa nd how they are shown on TV are just not how things work and if we should more of how a transacation really should go or does go I think the public would be better informed. Now that some shows out there show agents just telling people to go in and show the place to them selves I have seen more and more people asking me to do that or expecting it. I do not think sellers would be happy with this approach and now I have sellers who specifically ask me if I allow this for my listings because they are worried about the safety of their belongings. The biggest thing is educating the public, then we will all be safer and not have to worry about losing clients. If criminals see shows and think they can just go show the house to themselves they will think they could easily robbed the agent/home, but if we start portraying agent safety, agents showing the property, and people actually signing an offer instead of an agent presenting verbals, then the public would be better informed and know what to truly expect. This would all translate into safer agents.

  6. Richard Mendenhall

    This is an excellent video. I also want everyone to be aware of showing rural property. Do not make the assumption that every county has a 911 call center. More don’t than you would imagine. And even if there is a 911 call center, many are out of date and underfunded and cannot GPS locate accurately from where your call is coming. Even worse in some rural areas there is no cellular coverage. And the other problem is that if you are in a rural property even a good 911 may not have the resource personnel to respond quickly enough. So be extra careful and alert when showing rural property and do your homework in advance on who you are showing and meeting at the property and if possible take another agent with you.

  7. Excellent video. Suggest it be shown to all REALTORS to be on the lookout for their own safety. Several tragic incidences of recent point the way towards the need for extra caution out there. Be Safe!!!