Property Management: Disruption-Free Software Changes

ColeyVince Coley of property management software company AppFolio talks about ways to replace your software without disrupting workflow in an upcoming webinar.

Here’s how AppFolio sets up the webinar:

“If your property management business has been through a software transition before, you know that change isn’t easy. But if you are losing precious time and money to outdated systems that don’t work with your business, you might need to change faster than you would like. In fact, if you are hesitant to make necessary changes to your business your competitors are likely outgrowing you already.

“Join AppFolio Director of Implementation Vince Coley for strategies on positively transforming your business without negatively impacting your workflow. Vince and his team have helped thousands of your peers transition their businesses out of old technology, saving them hours a day and countless dollars. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss.”

The 60-minute webinar is Thursday, July 28, at 2 p.m., Eastern.


  • Setting measurable goals to assess your business practices
  • Helping your team navigate business changes
  • Conquering hurdles in implementing software systems
  • Motivating your team to adopt new processes

The webinar is sponsored by AppFolio, providers of web-based property management software, and promoted by REALTOR® Magazine.

Registration page. 

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Robert Freedman

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  1. I think we’ve gotten to a point beyond just software for managing/listing your site. If you’re a real estate agent and want to stand out these days you will need to host a page with your property. I see always see physical ads, but I don’t think they’re enough anymore.