Do You Know the ABCs of Personal Branding?

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  1. Personal branding is also huge when people are dealing with Niche markets. Videos, and your social media need to make it very clear from a very sort time a viewer sees your stuff, that you are indeed the go-to person for your niche. Whether you deal with high rise condos or like me help with waterfront real estate, it’s so important that people recognize that from consistent brand messaging.

    One more idea would be to make sure a good call to action related to your branding is found in your email signature which can be something the recipient could look at.

  2. Every Agent should be proactive with their personal branding.

  3. I have also found the value in niche marketing versus the real estate agent for ALL first time buyers, VA, luxury, new construction, 55+ ect.

  4. Am currently building my own personal brand rather than my company, which I do own. It’s hard to separate the two at times. Working on it, great infographic.