How Will You Make Your Mark in 2017?

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  1. I am very blessed, probably 85% of my clients we’re referred. I am an individual Realtor with a record year with 106 units SOLD at a total of $15,900,000 !!! I am not on a team and I do everything myself, from the paperwork, pictures, measuring, signs to the input on our MLS!

  2. I too had a year of amazing but sometimes difficult transactions. I too work as a referral agent about 95% of the time. A referral from local attorney where she asked me for help for an elderly client to sell her home that she and her now deceased husband had lived in for many years and help her buy a home with no mortgage. I found out that she would net between 93-98K which made that request virtually impossible. I sold her home (in a neighborhood that typically does not sell well) very quickly (net 109K) and was able to secure her a house that was never listed. When I called the owner of the house we wanted to secure for my client she clearly did not want to deal with a real estate agent but acquiesced when I told her I would do it for a flat fee because it was the perfect situation for my sweet client. We got it under market by at least 15K and she was able to pay cash of 105K and have a little left over to make it her own! She lives and works close to me so that I can periodically check on her, Blessed in this business financially, and although my paycheck was a little light on this one it was by far my biggest accomplishment this year!

  3. Wow Cindy, that’s crazy! What time period was it over?