Local REALTOR® Leader Has Been Dealing With a Nightmare Email Scam for a Year

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  1. Although we like to think we live in a safe world, there are those set out to inflict harm to even the most kind people. As they say “knowledge is power”. Take the time to read up on how email and computer processes work and how to protect yourself against fraud.

  2. I regularly – if not daily – every other day – some times 2 x a day – get an e-mail inquiring about a listing. Typically it happens to be one that is 450 acres and listed for $8,750,000. They ask me to send them information. I respond with a PDF flyer about the property. Then I get an e-mail back with either a document attached or a link to click on to see their criteria to move forward. Due to suspicions I refuse to open their document or click on their link. One day I got the e-mail asking about that piece of land and later that day I got the same e-mail from same address asking about a $1,250 per month rental. Go figure. They can’t keep it straight. Sometimes I get the same e-mail 2 x from the same sender. The language in the e-mail is enough off kilter to suspect it is not from someone with reasonable intelligence here in the US. Got to be careful out there.

  3. Dan

    By what method do you recommend to “save email securely’?

    Thank you.

  4. Jessica Edgerton

    Hi Dan –
    In response to your question regarding the best way to save email securely: There are various options for secure email archiving – using a secure third-party cloud storage vendor, setting up a secure storage system within your current IT system, or even using a secured external hard drive back-up. Your best choice will depend on your particular business needs, budget, and risk profile. I would recommend consulting with an IT person to determine the best system for your needs.