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Using Live Video to Build Your Real Estate Business

The rise of live video streaming technology on social media has given real estate professionals a powerful new way to promote listings, create brand awareness and attract business. Video platforms such as Facebook Live make it possible to show a property to potential buyers who might not be able to visit it in person, and they can help you connect with prospective clients you might not otherwise have a chance to meet. Learn more about using these tools to expand your reach in this video.

Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein is a writer-producer for the National Association of REALTORS®. He is based in Washington can be reached at

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  1. Using video can save a lot of time to both the buyer and seller. As realtors, we dont want to go and show a house to a potential buyer if the house is not in a neighborhood they (buyer) would live in. I find it more beneficial for all to shoot video of the area and then lead into the house, this gives as much as a realistic view as possible of the area, what the surrounding houses look like. This way when they come and see the house, they are not surprised. Saving us all time.

  2. Well said, we at remax have been trying to do the same and include as much as digital technology into our business as possible so that we are well put on the map and can communicate better with out potential customers

  3. Yes really this is one of the great social media platforms available through which a realtor can reach out to his real estate client’s to promote his business. This will definitely make the property buying person more comfortable even when he is not been able to reach the property site in person. Thank you Sam for reminding us this through the article.