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Tax Plan Could Hurt Homeowners

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  1. Alex

    The calculations presented regarding the single woman trying to buy a condo does not consider that the administrations tax plan would lower all the income tax brackets and therefore every one will be paying lower income tax rates. This is the reason that the real estate taxes will not be deductible. It should be a benefit to everyone.

  2. laura paz

    Interesting article but I have to read it a second time to understand it better.
    One thing, though, teacher’s unions have historically opposed taxes on homes.
    Its unfair because people are taxed not on their incomes, but rather on their homes which often ends up pitting homeowners against schools. I would love to see the NAR take up this issue.

  3. Catherine

    There will be winners and losers in the new tax code but, obviously, something must be done to make it simpler and fairer to everyone–not just the wealthy and the poor.

  4. You are wrong, lowering taxes wiull benefit all Home owners, and still can deduct the MIP and in some cases all real Estate taxes, get your facts straight !
    I voted Trump and proud of it, been in Real Etsate over 40 + years.

  5. I support lowering of all taxes.
    I buy houses–