REALTORS®’ Difficult Argument Against Tax Proposal

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  1. the far greater issue for me is the possibility of reclassifying my rental income as self employment income, resulting in an immediate 15%+ loss of net income to me due to social security and Medicare taxes owed on my rental income. in my state where property taxes are double to triple the property taxes of an identical homestead owner occupied property right next door, I am being taxed to death. work hard, get a good plan and these guys change the rules on you…

  2. Lori

    This is explained in such a poor way so as to create a scare to the public. Shame on you. You’re trying to spin this in a way to make it look like a ton of things are going away and they aren’t. You make it sound like many of the states pay over $10k in taxes and most states don’t. The only states it will affect are California. New York. Massachusetts, Washington DC and maybe a couple others. And if those people can afford those big expensive houses with big taxes then they can afford to lose the tax benefit. Stop trying to scare people. This will not turn into a nation of renters – duh- ridiculous statement made from snowflake camp.

  3. The tax cut has been in place for several months and seems to have little impact on the value of homes. Here in Albuquerque, we are still seeing increased prices. There does not seem to be any slow down in the near future. I just think the value of homes is based on supply and demand. The economy is strong and lots of people are working. Good paying jobs will drive home prices higher.