GOP Strategist: Tax Reform Won’t Pass

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  1. I was at the session, listened to Steve Schmidt and was profoundly moved by his insights and commentary. Too bad that it wasn’t at 360 or the General Session to reach more people. That being said, I object to the headline. With all of the work we are doing to mobilize our members, clients and customers against this legislation, NAR reporting that it won’t pass anyway just greased that slide. The fact of the matter is that we have a better mobilization tool than Banks in Real Estate issue to get the members involved across the nation and party lines. We need to be able to use it as the catalyst for the struggles that are sure to follow through the next election cycle. I am going to use some of Schimdts comments – but not that headline.

  2. bobloblaw

    NAR is nothing but a bunch of special interests. They dont want the personal deduction increased because they want people to itemize and thus go out and buy a house. Disgusting selfish behavior.

  3. bobloblaw

    Steve Schmidt is a strategist who has never won an election