Should MLSs Be Required to Have a Waiver Policy?

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  1. This will be awesome! Our brokers and salespersons deserve to keep their hard-earned money and use it toward services and materials that will actually help grow their business.

  2. This is great for brokers and agents, but not good for small boards that run their own MLS. It seems to be another push towards consolidation, which is best for the membership. Why should a rural broker from a small local association have to pay more for less services? There are new business models that necessitate the change. Without the change, would we face law suits for restraint of trade?

  3. Beth Ross

    Am I understanding correctly then that a licensed agent/broker associate can become a member of an MLS that their brokerage is NOT a member of? Or does their Brokerage have to at a minimum be a member but not ALL of it’s agents as long as they can prove the agent is a party to another MLS? Not having the brokerage be a part of the MLS seems to open a can of liability worms in my humble opinion. More explanation on that would be great. I have one broker associate who is reading this that he can join multiple MLS’s in our state that my brokerage is not a member of.
    Thanks for further insight into it.

  4. Hi, Beth. This change is focused on agents who may not want to be part of every MLS their broker subscribes to. I believe question #9 on this NAR FAQ addresses your concerns:
    Can an agent join an MLS without their principal broker being a participant of the service?
    No. An agent cannot join an MLS unless their principal broker is first a participant of that service. The principal broker offers, and accepts, compensation and cooperation on behalf of the firm.

    Hope that clears it up for you! Learn more at the topic page for this policy change: