The Next 2 Tech Game Changers

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  1. My question is for NAR nationally.
    The services of Real Estate that requires a License and Broker to be held responsible and liable is ADVERTISING for a fee or commission.
    And this loophole has allowed advertisers whom are not licensed no held to a board of standards and regulations impact and directly compete with the MLS boards plus allowing fore sale by owners advertising and posting to these sites – mixing them together. This does not protect the public- in fact confused and dilutes the knowledge and value of having a license.
    What actions (if any) does the NAR believe should be taken to protect the industry of licensed professionals from mega internet advertising of all of our work product? Each states laws for real estate is unique. The common public isn’t being educated on this value. I think this is a national issue.

  2. Dr. Dawn Kennedy

    Hi Tricia-

    I think your question relates to a pervasive mindset that the MLS exists for advertising properties; it does not. The primary purpose of the MLS is to be a vehicle/platform for cooperation (sharing data) and compensation between participating brokers. Aggregators/syndicators do not provide this service.