Robots are Starting to Do Showings

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  1. Hopefully, a live person is still inside the house so that criminals don’t get any ideas about these easy targets.

  2. I am not keen on robots! I prefer human interaction. But we need to move with the times

  3. Like it or not, automation is quickly changing the way that the business of real estate is being done. Adapt or be left behind.

  4. Yes, this will be the norm in the next few years. Any type of smart automation is a nifty way to show off and amaze consumers.

  5. Darrin Brunner

    Realtors are already viewed by the general public as being lazy do-nothings who just drive people around and open the front door. It seems like this will only further that perception.

    How does this thing unlock the door? Do we need to put some sort of electronic lock on the door? How does this thing close the window or sliding glass door left open by the buyer who just left? How does it keep a home secure between showings? In its current state, it can’t. I can see it being used in condos, where there’s additional security in place, but planting one of these things in a typical suburban detached just isn’t going to work well.

    If this catches on, these things will be manned by out of state, Kaplan trained, churn and burn licensees in call centers, and they won’t even need to be Realtors.

    Is that the direction we want to go? Maybe so. Maybe for the low-end, this will become the norm, and we’ll only see a real, live Realtor showing high-end homes. Would a seller in your top 5% market accept one of these things “showing” a house?

    Eventually, we’ll have walking, talking, robotic avatars that can overcome the issues I’ve mentioned here. But that time is still pretty far off, a minimum of 20 years before this sort of thing becomes common.

  6. Angela Schill

    I hate robo calls. I hate customer service with long menus to get human help. I only use the human checker at the grocery store. There is no replacement for personal service, a smile and a warm non-robot voice to answer my questions.

  7. Interesting!?! However, I don’t think we should look at technology as an inevitability. We have a choice… to embrace, reject it, or take the middle ground which is knowledge of technology and offering (it) when appropriate. For the most part I think we underestimate our power (our voice) as consumers. Lest we forget, we all speak “Green!”

  8. What these robots can do will add fun to showing but having a live person to answer the guest’s questions will still save a lot of time.

  9. Sure. Robots doing showings are cool and all, but nothing beats the warmth of human interaction. Maybe try putting these two together and see what happens? Just a random thought.