Are You Competing for a Real Estate Pie That’s Not Growing?

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  1. JP

    This is decent news. And I am not saying it is a bad thing to have some younger people interested in the industry-overall it is probably a good thing. The flip side is that the average age of 55, is in part due to the fact that those people of the average age (55) and up, are in this industry because they can not get work in most other fields. Yes, low unemployment rates seems great for the economy, but keep in mind that those unemployment numbers do not account for people who have given up on finding work, and a majority of those are over 50. So while the aging group faces age discrimination in the work place adding that many employers won’t hire a person who doesn’t already have a job: this age group doesn’t need to be “kicked” out of this industry as well.
    Additionally, I know a lot of people in the industry and only a handful that actually sell the average “sides”. Most, are at best, 1/2 that.
    Just my take…

  2. With increasing home values agents are still making decent money, though there is a lot of unsold inventory.

  3. There is a lot of unsold inventory, because sellers don’t want to admit that they are not the ones who set the price. Market is definitely shifted from “sellers” to “buyers”. You can sell almost anything if you are willing to accept fair market price value for your property.