Basel III Archive

With BASEL III Out, a Big Win for Real Estate

When you’re busy selling real estate or running a brokerage, you can’t be expected to follow every twist and turn in Washington over this rule or that rule. But there was one important twist just a few weeks ago...
July 15, 2013

Refis Good, But Purchases Are Key to Growth

Thanks to low interest rates, home owners are refinancing their home mortgages in sizable numbers, and that’s great for them and for the economy, because it helps free up money that can be put to other uses. A Bloomberg...
August 15, 2012

QM, QRM, Basel III: Mortgages for the Wealthy

Capital and mortgage financing rules being drafted in Washington and elsewhere raise the possibility that the United States will become increasingly split between affluent home owners and less affluent renters, because lenders will be constrained to stay within tight...
July 30, 2012