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Investors In Your ‘Pocket’

We’ve been writing a bit about how investors are beginning to retreat from the market, with mega-investors’ bulk-buying sprees on the decline and a larger portion of cash sales being attributed to individual home buyers. (You’ll want to check...
August 18, 2014

MLS Exec: Pocket Listings Undermine Industry

At the Joint Meeting of the Multiple Listing Service Forum and Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee Thursday, all things MLS were on the table. In fact, even items that weren’t on the MLS were up for discussion–specifically, so-called...
May 16, 2013

Sham Rating Site? Oregon Agents Raise the Alert

Agents at RE/MAX Equity Group in Portland, Ore., were suspicious. A site called was giving F grades to agents as a result of what appeared to be faked customer ratings. They consulted with the company’s general counsel Jeffrey...
April 15, 2013