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Workforce Housing Experts to REALTORS®: Uncle Sam Needs You

Foreclosures, minimum wage, and Generation Y were among the varied issues discussed at last week’s Workforce Housing Forum. But the theme of REALTOR® advocacy for affordable housing for working Americans permeated nearly every speech, panel, and breakout session. Every...
October 15, 2012

NAR Participates in Conventions

Representatives from the National Association of REALTORS® were in attendance at both the DNC and RNC, appearing and speaking at various real estate-related forums in support of housing issues. During the North Carolina and Charlotte REALTOR® associations’ breakfast Wednesday...
September 7, 2012

10 Reasons to Buy a Home

By Robert Freedman, senior editor, REALTOR® Magazine A piece in the Wall Street Journal yesterday took issue with a recent Time cover story calling into question some of our most cherished beliefs about homeownership. Much of what the Journal...
September 16, 2010