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14 Ways You Made 2014 Your Best Year

If you’re mulling over your New Year’s resolutions, add this to the list: Make 2015 at least as good as you made 2014. As the year comes to a close, we all look back and reflect on our accomplishments....
December 30, 2014

A Quick and Easy Jump-Start to Your 2014

Let’s face it; the days between Christmas and New Years Day are a wasteland of rest, relaxation, and “Breaking Bad” binge watching. I know you deserve it. You got last minutes showings, closings, and paper shuffling buttoned up all...
December 23, 2013

How You Made 2013 a Successful Year in Real Estate

We spend a lot of time at the end of the year thinking about how we can make the next year so much better than this one. A lot of us gloss over what did make this year a...
December 12, 2013