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One Out of 5 REALTORS® in Business Less Than a Year

Increasing the number of young people in real estate has been a longstanding goal of the industry, so it’s good news that the median age of REALTORS® dropped this year. It’s now at 53, down from 57 last year. What’s...

NAR: Enough is Enough with Patent Trolls

Patent trolls have been a growing problem for all types of businesses, and real estate companies haven’t been spared. Recently, a patent troll sent thousands of letters through several affiliated legal entities to brokerages and other companies threatening lawsuits...
July 17, 2013

Beware of Patent Troll

By Katie Johnson You’ve got options if a licensing agent demands a fee for scanning and e-mailing document. [JULY 1, 2013, UPDATE: The patent owner described in this article, MPHJ, is taking a break from its patent licensing campaign....
June 4, 2013