Are You a Master?

By Katherine Tarbox, Senior Editor, REALTOR® Magazine

In February 2009, REALTOR® Magazine launched the Masters Series, a video diary of top-producing practitioners, who represent expertise in a certain field within real estate. We traveled all over the country to meet some of the best real estate pros, followed them around for a day, and learned their trade secrets.

We’re planning for the 2010 series and we want to hear from you. Next year the video will focus on mastering certain aspects of the business: staging, prospecting, negotiating, and more.

Do you have at least a decade of experience with a high sales volume? Are you an expert at calculating and using statistics? Or are you known in your area as being THE stager? Perhaps you prospect better than any other practitioner?

If any of these sounds like you, and you’d like to be considered for a 2010 Masters Series video, please contact senior editor Katherine Tarbox at

  1. I can be known as a master recruiter. I have built Pacific Realty Partners from scratch to 40+ agents in just 2 years during this recession and now the sky is the limit. I recruit, train, empower and delegate. That’s my forte.