The Nitty-Gritty of Converting Seller Leads

Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown

Leigh Brown, broker-owner of RE/MAX Executive Realty – Leigh Brown & Associates, got down to the business of selling houses during her presentation on leads and listings at the Emerging Business Issues & Technology Forum during the REALTOR® Party Conference & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C., last Thursday. She offered three tips for capturing and converting online seller leads that you can start implementing in your business plan immediately.

1. Get your website a “squeeze page.” This is a simple page embedded on your site that allows would-be sellers to opt in for more information in exchange for their contact info. Brown uses as her squeeze page host for $59 per month. The page, which asks visitors if they’re selling their home or condo, changes dynamically based on the location of the viewer’s IP address. Brown’s customers then receive a Zestimate on the backend. “I don’t care if you like or don’t like Zillow; that’s irrelevant,” Brown says. “It does give me the best script in the world: ‘I know that the information you received is automated. Your home will have a unique value based on its customized upgrades and location. For a custom market analysis, please contact me.”

2. Set up a geo-targeted Facebook ad campaign. You have a Facebook business page, right? Well, it’s time to take the next step. Go to and set up your custom ad parameters. You can target specific ZIP codes — and be sure to choose an ad photo with a house that reflects that neighborhood. You can also designate education level and age range.  If you want to target move-up sellers/buyers, set your ad parameters for college graduates age 35-45. Brown’s text is simple: “Find out what your [city name] area home is worth. Free home valuation in under 60 seconds.” From there, she handles the lead as she does those from her squeeze page. “My ROI is quite high on this,” she says. Brown spends $10 per ad per day.

3. Call first. Once that seller lead comes in, pick up the phone to introduce yourself, Brown says. Then she’ll send a text. Her third point of contact is a BombBomb video, no more than 10 seconds long, sent via email. In the video, she mentions the lead’s inquiry and offers up her expertise on the neighborhood and property taxes. Brown also sends an auto-response BombBomb to leads that come in after 4:30 p.m. weekdays and on the weekends with a stock video of herself saying she’ll get back to them as soon as she can.

Erica Christoffer

Erica Christoffer is a multimedia journalist and contributing writer and editor for REALTOR® Magazine. She can be reached at

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  1. Laura

    How funny! I just started using this same thing but through boldleads – works like a charm! 44 leads in 14 days and 1 listing appointment! I think I get the best leads from sending postcards to my farm with a photo of my landing page on it.

  2. Just a quick question… How does Laura direct potential clients to her squeeze page? We had one once and couldn’t get any traffic to it or get anyone to fill it out.


  3. kate

    Facebook ads are fascinating, they allow you target certain areas, ages and incomes. But many times they just focus on your Facebook page with the end result of a bunch of Likes. You WANT SALES though, so you might try something different like creating a website for each listing, i.e. with a URL like – and then market it on Google Ads, where you can also target certain people and areas. is a neat, cheap tool to market with. Kate

  4. Tiffany in Miami-Dade

    Thanks Leigh!! Been running these ads and some others and getting awesome leads. Ive been using a landing page through which gets a lot of responses from leads. Any other tips on getting appointments? I convert about 1 out of 15 leads but I’m not sure if that is good or bad lol.

  5. A squeeze page, email client and facebook ads are enough to make a lot of leads. But one should use Facebook audience insights to research about the target audience before running any ad campaign on Facebook.

  6. Thanks for the great tips. The squeeze page works well!