Don’t Just Sell a Home; Market a Lifestyle

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  1. Excellent article! In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to differentiate yourself and your listings descriptions. It’s surprising to me how many property descriptions highlight things like “fresh paint” and “new carpet”. Both are clearly nice features, but not necessarily selling points and certainly not original! Get creative people!

  2. Great blog. Especially in hawaii where prices are high, you definitely need to sell the lifestyle

    Location, views, and lifestyle really help buyers make a decision.

    Thank you for the information!


  3. Being able to take your clients to the realm of imagining themselves in a home is a skill that only the best real estate professionals have. Thank you for this Sam!

  4. Big data is clearly shaping the real estate machine. Locally we now have products to help identify which homeowners are likely to move based on data mining of internet browsing habits. Yikes!
    It’s also being utilized on the browsing of real estate websites etc. Stay tuned, it’s going to get more competitive!

  5. Amazing article.
    Thank you for sharing……

  6. I LOVE this article. Way to be a salesman, brother! He particularly speaks volumes when he says, “For example, if you produce a video property tour, include footage of nearby attractions such as beaches, museums, shopping districts, and other aspects of a community that can inspire a buyer to want to live in the area—not just in the home. Anything you can do to tie your listing to the lifestyle buyers want will attract more traffic”. I am always trying to get people to shoot videos of their flips here in Hawaii, and STAGE THEIR HOMES when they list. It makes such an emotional impact on potential buyers.