The Art of Follow Up: Effective Follow-up Communication Techniques

Strategic outreach, whether by phone, email or text, is key to building rapport and credibility with prospects, staying top of mind in the search for a home, and encouraging clients to follow through with the sale. But outreach, by itself, doesn’t close deals.

If you’re contacting leads regularly, but still having trouble reaching your sales goals, you may be using the wrong outreach methods for the wrong types of communication.

Find ideas for improving your outreach metods in a new guide, The Art of Follow Up: Effective Follow-up Communication Techniques.

Great for team leads looking to improve their coaching skills and agents looking to communicate more effectively, this guide provides a deep dive into the different outreach methods, when to use them, best practices and effective sample templates.

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post from Firepoint Solutions, a company that offers a customer relationship management (CRM) tool for real estate professionals.

  1. I think follow up is were most realtors fall short. I have had agents wait a week or two to reply to calls or emails that I have sent them asking about one of their listings, that’s if they reply at all. I can’t imagine if I were a buyer and agents weren’t following up with me.

  2. Very Impressive Thoughts!

  3. There is usually a very fine line between not following up enough and following up too much to the point of being pushy. Finding the right balance can be tricky and I think the right amount of follow up depends on the type of client you are dealing with.

  4. Yeah, this is a problem with the industry as a whole. I used to think it was just millennials and their aversion from phone interactions, but working with a lot of agents I have found there is very little “plan” or “strategy” for follow up.

    I think the average broker, needs coaching on simply following up IMMEDIATELY.