The Art of Follow Up: Effective Follow-up Communication Techniques

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  1. I think follow up is were most realtors fall short. I have had agents wait a week or two to reply to calls or emails that I have sent them asking about one of their listings, that’s if they reply at all. I can’t imagine if I were a buyer and agents weren’t following up with me.

  2. Very Impressive Thoughts!

  3. There is usually a very fine line between not following up enough and following up too much to the point of being pushy. Finding the right balance can be tricky and I think the right amount of follow up depends on the type of client you are dealing with.

  4. Yeah, this is a problem with the industry as a whole. I used to think it was just millennials and their aversion from phone interactions, but working with a lot of agents I have found there is very little “plan” or “strategy” for follow up.

    I think the average broker, needs coaching on simply following up IMMEDIATELY.