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Be a Better Buyer’s Rep

Low inventories have created a seller’s market, and your buyers may be tempted to write multiple purchase offers on their favorite listing, for instance, as well as the close second. On the one hand, it may increase the odds...
December 6, 2012

Unravel the Mysteries of International Real Estate

What’s the difference between a resident alien and a non-resident alien? Do foreign nationals need a social security card to purchase property in the U.S? How many decades has it been since the last time it rained in Lima,...
October 12, 2012

Going Global: Are You Ready?

Miami is known for its colorful vibrancy, but 23,000 vacant condos put a dark cloud over the south Florida market at its peak inventory in 2008. Do you know what happened? They’ve all sold — largely due to the...
October 12, 2012